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Lack of in-tool help and external documentation for meaning of Script Application fields



Regarding Windows Resource Extension packages:
For the "Script Application" fields (under Application Profile once created), there are many fields for which the meaning of the parameter is unclear or unknown. For example, "ExitCodeRegex": I am guessing this means (I shouldn't have to guess though...) the regex covering all exit codes. OK, but what is the benefit of supplying this? Is this needed to capture the exit code? Is it not captured automatically, regardless of the value?

Now, I might be able to figure out by trial and error the answer to the questions above (but I shouldn't have to...) but that is a very time-consuming process. Why? Because in order to find the behavior corresponding to a particular input set of inputs in the tool, I'd have to deploy the VMRole and wait for the VM deployment before the script will kick in - that could take 15-20 minutes.

Some of the other fields that are unclear or unknown are "StandardErrorRegex", "StandardOutputRegex", "ScriptBlock".

A suggestion:
Have in-tool help for each field which the user will see pop up when he/she hovers the mouse icon over the field name and also, some text in the form to let the user know of this feature, so he/she can take advantage of it. Or in some other easy to access and obvious way.
Also, have a document explaining the meanings of the fields.